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Information and Communication Technology

Global Speech-to-text API Market to reach USD 6.25 billion by 2027.

Product Code: ICTNGT-76957181
Publish Date: 24-02-2022
Page: 200

Global Inventory Management Software Market to reach USD 4.43 billion by 2027.

Product Code: ICTEITS-54183365
Publish Date: 27-01-2022
Page: 200

Global FIDO authentication market to reach USD 3.43 billion in 2027

Product Code: IACTIS_27743110
Publish Date: 24-11-2021
Page: 200

Global Synthetic Aperture Radar Market to reach USD 7.29 billion by 2027

Product Code: IACTNGT_44954333
Publish Date: 22-11-2021
Page: 200

Global Terahertz Technologies Market to reach USD 1.89 billion by 2027

Product Code: IACTNGT_12140346
Publish Date: 1-10-2021
Page: 200

Global Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) Market to reach XX by 2027.

Product Code: IACTIS_89035810
Publish Date: 2-07-2021
Page: 200

Global Digital Workplace Market to reach USD 8481 million by 2027

Product Code: IACTNGT_79958591
Publish Date: 21-05-2021
Page: 200

Global Intelligent Process Automation Market Size to reach USD XXX Billion by 2027

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Publish Date: 13-04-2021
Page: Yes

Global Intelligent Process Automation Market Size to reach USD 20.86 Billion by 2027

Product Code: Global Intelligent Process Automation Market by product Type (Natural Language Processing, Machine and Deep Learning, Neural Network, Virtual Agents, Mini Bots and RPA, Computer Vision, Others) and By Application (Business Process Automation, Application Management, Content Management, Security, Others). Regional Forecasting 2020-2027
Publish Date: 13-04-2021
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Global Chatbot Market to reach USD 1927.89 million by 2027.

Product Code: IACTEIAS_64238831
Publish Date: 24-03-2021
Page: 200

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