At Bizwit Research we offer a unique concept of gathering information from a defined group of audience for the purpose of strategic decision making and developing new strategies for future prospects. We form a group of different people with the same set of requirements. This group is called a focused group. Below mentioned are the characteristics of a focused group:

The objective of the study is to collect the views of the users of the products or the services, before getting into the market. This helps to magnify the errors which may hamper the growth of products/ services.


Types of Focus Groups

We formulate the results in more interactive and informative ways, which includes stats and infographics to cater the clients in efficient ways. The process of the study works in real time scenario including all the present trends and scenarios. Which helps to develop more appropriate decisions. If you are interested in a customized focused study for any of the products or services or want to get the industry feedback from renowned key opinion leaders you can contact us on