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Customer FAQs

  • Which services can I avail prior to the purchase?

    You can get a dedicated analyst call session in which you can clear any of your doubts related to the report/reports. You can also list down all the concerns and can share them over email. We take post-sale emails on high priority.

  • How often are the reports updated?

    The report produced by Bizwit Research adheres to a cyclic revision process. Usually twice in a year, however, we continuously capture the latest market trends and keeps them in our repository, which then is used to update the report upon request.

  • How can I share my related requirements and customization pertaining to the study?

    At any point of time before finalizing the purchase, you can contact the sales team about your specific requirements. We will do the feasibility check of the desired requirements and get back to you as soon as possible. Usually, it takes 24 working hours to finalize the feasibility check and then we contact you at the next appropriate time.

  • How can I trust the quality and credibility of the reports?

    While browsing through the report description, you can anytime contact us through the sales channel and ask for the sample reports or some part of the report to get a quick look on how the final deliverable will look like. This will also help you to gauge the potential of the study and match it with your requirements. After which you can order the study.

  • I have not received the study, what should I do?

    You can simply call us, and we’ll surely help you out with this. In most of the cases, the study is being updated which takes some analyst hours to ensure the numbers and the estimates of the report. which could be the reason for the delay.

  • How do I access my cart?

    After adding the report/reports on the cart you can go to the cart section. In this section, you can review the reports their delivery dates and finalize the order by clicking the Checkout and make the payments.

  • What are ordering procedures available on the website?

    The ordering methods are simple and absolutely protected; you can choose the appropriate format and license of the report/reports. Then you can order it using the ‘Buy Now’ section on the page. This will take you to the account opening page, where you will be asked to give some general details. After which you can pay for the study and get the report. Alternatively, you can call us at (+91 999 3115879) we will guide you through the payment process. And finalize the delivery. Please note, that usually, we deliver the reports in just 24 working hours, however, if the report is needed to be updated with the recent significant changes it may take 24 to 48 working hours post-confirmation. You don’t need to be worried about the delivery of the report, we will be in touch with you the whole time of the transaction.

  • Which delivery format should I select?

    The list of formats of the reports is available on the right-hand side panel of the description page. Though you can opt for any of the available options, we recommend you to choose according to your needs. The available options are pdf, ppt and excel interim. Pdf is best for self-analyzing the market situation, developing your own perception of the industry. Ppt is suitable for business presentations, and excel interims are useful for formulating your own analysis for the industry adding your insights for the future prospects of the market.

    While choosing the formats you’ll see two options, single user license and enterprise licenses. Single User License allows one entity, typically the buyer, to get the access to the study. It cannot be distributed to anyone else. However, in Multi-User License, the report can be shared among all bodies of the organization irrespective of their geography or the presence. Please note that hard copies will be issued on the customer request and after receiving the payment for so. The printed copy will be shipped to using trusted delivery partners.

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