Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology is throbbing comprehensive development in almost every sector. Thus, the industry has observed a high growth in demand for ICT services, software and hardware and other IT infrastructure technology. The industry is experiencing continuous technological developments such as the evolution of 5G and 6G technologies, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things. Moreover, emerging applications such as smart cities, big data, and autonomous vehicles are expected to create significant opportunities for the ICT industry.

Our ICT industry domain offers a wide range of reports covering all the latest development in the industry. Each of our ICT industry reports is a result of extensive secondary and primary research across top companies and key opinion leaders in the industry. Brainstorming sessions are held internally, to observe and establish the impact of various trends on individual markets. Our ICT industry portfolio is further bifurcated into different sub-segments which include the following sub-domain:

“Everything as a Service” (XaaS) model is changing the entire paradigm of the Communication Service industry. 

Rising number of smart phone and internet users has compelled the demand for strong communication infrastructure. 

The software business has evolved very quickly in last few years. Rising adoption of smart phones, E commerce are the primary driving forces for the industry.

With increasing number of connected devices and rising adoption of cloud, the demand for network security is also increasing at a rapid pace.

The ICT industry is constantly evolving with many next generation technologies that will be disrupting the industry in coming years.

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