The global Electronics Industry is expected to cross over $3 trillion revenue in next 3 to 4 years. The electronics industry has emerged as one of the primary reason for the development of the digital economy. Driven by the rising digitalization, the industry has witnessed several innovations over the last decade such as smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, security systems, and electric vehicles. Currently, the electronics industry is integrating with several latest technologies such as Virtual Reality, Robotics and Automation, and the Internet of Things. At Bizwit Research & Consulting, our team is continuously working to accumulate latest industry trends to offer a broader perspective of the electronic industry to our clients.

Our Electronics industry domain offers a wide range of reports covering all the latest development in the industry. Our Electronics industry portfolio covers reports on both consumer electronics and Electronics systems and components. Each of our Electronics industry reports is a result of extensive secondary and primary research across top companies and key opinion leaders in the industry. Brainstorming sessions are held internally, to observe and establish the impact of various trends on individual markets. Our reports offer in-depth analysis of Electronics industry covering the impact of industry standards, government regulation, import-export policies and other factors impacting the market growth. Our Electronics industry portfolio is further bifurcated into different sub-segments which include:

Consumer Electronics companies are integrating technologies such as Wi-Fi, microserver and micro-electromechanical systems to enable ‘Internet of Things’.

The Electronics systems and components market is witnessing a major trend of outsourcing these days with OEMs adopting outsourced design manufacturing model.

Our Next Generation Electronics Portfolio covers reports related to many advanced technologies in sensors & semiconductors, embedded systems, security systems.

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