The biotechnology industry is among the most innovative healthcare sector in the world. Rising demand for new technologies such as DNA sequencing, recombinant technology, fermentation, tissue engineering; are some of the factors which are anticipated to drive the growth in the industry. Additionally, the rise in demand for food products to meet the need of the ever-increasing population is likely to fuel the innovations in biotech industry over the forecast period.

The key industry players are looking forward to finding ways for treatment of diseases such as CVD, Cancer, and Alzheimer. Moreover, diabetes, neurology, biosimilar, and CRISPR are observed to be the key areas of interest in the field of biotechnology & healthcare. Some of our top selling biotechnology research reports include Global CRISPR market, Global Stem Cell Assay Market, Global Next Generation Sequencing Services Market, Global bioabsorbable stent market, and so on.

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