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Automotive, Logistics & Transportation industry is one of the most dynamic, in terms of innovation and technological developments.  The automotive industry is currently focusing on to improve fuel efficiency, lightweight materials, connectivity, and electric vehicles. Some of the recent developments in the automotive, logistics and transportation industry include eco-friendly vehicles, connected cars, autonomous vehicle. Due to rising concerns about increasing pollution globally, the industry is actively looking forward to eco-friendly products. There are many technologies addressing these issues such as the use of lithium batteries, smart technologies to enable fuel efficiency and so on.  Moreover, the industry is moving towards sustainable development; wherein many of the green technologies are developed to target one of the most common problems of fuel efficiency in all types of vehicles. One such innovation is electric vehicles which can run almost 300 miles on electricity alone.

Focusing on these developments & trends, our Automotive, Logistics & Transportation industry domain offers a wide range of reports covering all the latest development in the industry. Each of our Automotive, Logistics & Transportation industry reports is a result of extensive secondary and primary research across top companies and key opinion leaders in the industry. Brainstorming sessions are held internally, to observe and establish the impact of various trends on individual markets. Our reports offer in-depth analysis of Automotive, Logistics & Transportation industry covering the impact of industry standards, government regulation, import-export policies and other factors impacting the market growth. Our Automotive, Logistics & Transportation industry portfolio is further bifurcated into different sub-segments which include:

Development of several new technologies such as connected devices and lightweight material has captivated several investments in Automotive Components & Materials Market.

Automotive Electronics includes reports on components such as driving systems, charging systems, power management, security systems, cruise control etc.

With emerging technologies such as self-driving vehicles, electric vehicles, automotive manufacturing industry is heading towards the manufacturing of complex internal structures.

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