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Hello Folks,

We are looking for a new face for our company. A face that depicts our moto “Data Drives Better Decision”.

We are looking for a combination logo, preferably a combination of wordmark and abstract mark logo, that should represent both our business and ideology .

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Event Rules


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The logo should be in SQUARE orientation with dimensions 700 x 700 pixels, and .PNG file size under 100 Kb.

The logo should be a combination of word mark and abstract mark logo.

The colour theme is as per the designer’s creativity (But not extravagant theme).    Inspiration can be borrowed from our key competitors.


Enquiry Details

Send your inquiries through  media@bizwitresearch.com

or Contact:  +91 7879144499   , +91 9993115879

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Send your design to media@bizwitresearch.com.

Consider all the points of the brief and send the logo with the given unique number in the required format.

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