Snap Inc. released new augmented reality developer platform lens studio

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Date: Dec 14, 2017

Category: Product launch

Snap Inc. released a new tool that will help users to create their own augmented reality effects which can be used in Snapchat. This tool is available for both Windows and Apple platform, and can be a great aid for Snap as a platform to access a whole new number of developers to create various lenses. Through this launch, all the users including advertisers will be able to create new lenses.

The effects include still images or animated objects, 3D objects that react by tapping, windows into other worlds, 2D cutouts and much more. After this Lens Studio will produce a unique code “Snapcode” through which your lens can be unlocked for a day i.e. 24 hours. This code will be valid for a year and can be unlocked several times. This lens can be shared via social media as well.

Such time limit for the lens might annoy users to not scan the code daily but it can also be an encouragement to create a new lens every day. Since a lens might be offensive to someone it has to be fulfilling the guidelines which include no depiction of violence, stereotypes, nudity, sex acts, threats, hashtags, or bullying. Only after these guidelines are satisfied, the unique “Snapcode” will be generated.

Snap has also partnered with 7 firms viz. Fisherman Labs, North Kingdom, Haus, Avatar Labs, Media Monks, Vidmob and Trigger Global for development in AR experience. This product launch will help Snap Inc. to compete with its competitors like Google, and Facebook.

Source: Company website, news articles & industry magazines

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